Alien Abduction – My Own Personal Experience

The following post, about alien abduction, has proven to be the hardest one I have ever written.


Because it is an account of a personal experience.



The story began when I was a mere child, back in 1978.

I remember the first occasion quite clearly.

I was laying in my bed at around 11 p.m. trying hard to get to sleep so that I would feel refreshed enough to face a tough day at school the next day (My first ever exam was due and the thought of it made getting to sleep almost impossible).

I quite clearly remember the window being open – it had been a warm day and the cool breeze blowing in was rather soothing.

It wasn’t too hot though so I found it rather surprising when I realised I was sweating, far more so than when I had been extremely active during the day.

I popped to the bathroom and had a quick wash before returning to bed.

A few minutes later I heard a buzzing sound coming from outside of the house and then, suddenly, my entire bedroom was bathed in a bright white light.

For some reason I glanced over at the clock on my bedside table.

Only a few minutes had passed since I last looked at it and yet it was almost 2 a.m.

I thought that was a little strange but promptly fell asleep.


I thought nothing more of the incident for a long time, thinking that perhaps it was insignificant or just a dream.

Though if it was a dream then it was much better than those I would subsequently have.


I know it may sound weird but I started having strange dreams about goats.

Actually not dreams – nightmares would be a more accurate description.

Now I don’t know why I associate goats with my experience, as the aliens who took me looked like the archetypal ‘greys’ that other abductees have often mentioned.

It must have some deep-rooted psychological meaning as I substitute the goats for the aliens whenever I recollect what happened.


Anyway, fast forward a few years to 1983 and the dreams were still there but occurred with far less frequency.

However, a new problem had arisen which was that I had a tremendous pain in my left knee.

My parents took me to see my doctor on several occasions and I even went to the local hospital a couple of times.

They all said the same thing though which was that I had ‘growing pains’.

For 4 years I put up with a pain that could be quite excruciating at times, preventing me from sleeping or even functioning at a basic level.

In 1987 my father took me to see a specialist as there was quite obviously something wrong and it definitely wasn’t growing pains.

The surgeon ran tests and announced that he had found a foreign object under my knee cap.

This was duly removed but I was never told what it was.

To this day I believe it was some sort of implant, especially as the dreams I had been having promptly ended the night after it was removed.

I have never had the goats enter my bedroom at night since.


By 1992 I had almost completely blocked the memory of what happened from my mind.

It was in that year that I met a good friend of mine, Rick, who was into spiritualism and all sorts of other things that I thought were a bit weird.

When my abduction came up in conversation one day he suggested that I see a hypnotist, to see if some sort of regression therapy could not only unravel what had happened but also allow me to finally move on from the experience.

In August of that year I was hypnotised.

I don’t know about other people who have had that experience but I found that I only remembered small parts of the ordeal.

Perhaps my mind blocked some of the details out?

The parts I do remember, however, are quite harrowing.

It seems that the one occasion of abduction that stuck in my mind was not the only time it had happened, it had actually been going on for several years.

I would be transported into the aliens’ ship via the white light I had seen and would find myself in a circular room with no visible windows or doors.

After that, the only thing I can remember is that the grey-skinned aliens – 2 of them – would just appear in front of me.

They would place me on a cold and slimy-feeling slab in the room and then conduct what I can only assume were some sort of scientific experiments on me.


Some of the experiments conducted upon me I daren’t talk about here in case children happen to read this page but I’m sure you can imagine the sort of thing I’m alluding to.

Quite what they hoped to achieve by using what looked like a cattle prod on a young child I will never know.

Other, less invasive, experiments involved taking samples of blood, saliva and bodily fluids.

I have no idea what they were intending to do with the samples they took from me but the goat dreams still play on my mind.

I can’t help but think that there are dozens of alien kids and doelings out there, wondering what their father looks like.

Longer-term I don’t think the effects are too severe, though I do drink a lot of milk and chew on grass when I feel frustrated.

Will I ever completely overcome my experience and live a normal life?

Possibly not, as I am still concerned they will take me again and that is why I always sleep with the light on and refuse to go near a farm or field.

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  1. You swine! 😀


    As some of you guessed, this post was in fact my April Fool’s joke.

    Many thanks to ddjango for inspiring me to write it after a conversation I had with him (@ddjango) on Twitter.

  3. Dionne Collins says:

    Is this a hoax you lil’ tinker?

  4. Claire Gouge says:

    Are you still doing the hypnosis? Did it help any?

  5. I don’t know if I should be feeling sad at this story or laughing at a joke. Are you serious or trying to April Fool us here?

  6. April Fools? … :/

  7. whew!!

  8. Are you joking Lee?

  9. The goats part has freaked me out a bit but I feel for you man.

  10. Sarah Marshall says:

    OMG, I don’t know what to say to you. Hang on in there, Im sure things will get better.

  11. I feel for you man.

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