Alicia Keys, The “Hacked” Twitter Account And The iPhone

Another day and another celebrity got hacked on Twitter (Baby Spice Emma Bunton had her account hacked yesterday). Or so it seems. This time it is Alicia Keys, the new Global Creative Director for Blackberry.

(I hope you paid careful attention to that job title…)


The fact that she is now associated with Blackberry is pertinent because her Twitter stream showed something on Monday that would have raised a few eyebrows with her employer – a message quoting lyrics from rapper Drake’s song – “Started from the bottom now were here!” – which was seemingly sent via Twitter for iPhone!

Shortly afterwards Key’s Twitter account posted this update –

Which, of course is entirely believable and all because she isn’t a fan of the iPhone at all is she?

“I’ve become an iPhone junky! Sad but true. (are u one too?) These are some of my favorite images from my latest download… ;-)”
Alicia Keys, Google+ (Jan 2012)

So, do you think Alicia Keys truly had her Twitter account hacked? Let me know via the comments below…

photo: Walmart Corporate

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