@Ag3nt47 Claims Monsanto Leak

Hacker Ag3nt47 appears to be having a busy Sunday. Following on from his apparent breach of Peugeot Canada he now appears to have hacked into monsanto.co.uk and leaked data from the site.

Based on the following tweet I assume that his issue is probably to do with Monsanto’s food modification programs – something that has led to awareness programs and rallies in many countries around the world lately.

The data acquired all appears to be directly related to the site – articles, emails, etc and can now be easily found online if you go searching for it. It looks like Ag3nt47 may have got this data via a basic sql extraction from the site’s database, suggesting that someone at Monsanto may want to ask their security team (if they even have one) a few questions!


Given the level of protest around the world just recently it would appear that Monsanto aren’t too popular right now but does breaching their database, if indeed that has happened, seem like a fair action to take? Are Ag3nt47 and other well known hacktivists right to raise awareness via their computer skills? What do you think? Whilst you ponder that I’ve been given a subliminal command that requires me to go and play Hitman : Absolution…

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