Ag3nt47 Allegedly Hacks Peugeot Canada, Data Leaked

A hacker going by the monicker of Ag3nt47 (a fan of the Hitman game one presumes) has claimed to have hacked the Canadian website of car manufacturer Peugeot.

The apparent hack, which appears to have taken place earlier today, has led to details being uploaded to PasteBin. The leaked information appears to be a list of email addresses, usernames and passwords — get those changed as quickly as possible Peugeot!


The full list of leaked data would seem to include details for administration of the site as well as an email list. Many of the passwords are in clear text rather than encrypted format which is, well, dumb really.

Additionally, three of the four passwords that are in clear text hardly follow best practice either and would not have posed any trouble at all to an attacker.

Ag3nt47, for whatever reason, seems to have a thing about cars with his previous attacks focusing on the likes of Honda and Mopar.


“I like flying under the radar. I’m called the silent assassin for many reasons. I think secrets plus silence is a very good thing in the hacking world. You don’t know much about Ag3nt47……GOOD!”

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