Adult Web Sites Are Still The Main Lure For Hackers

When you go fishing at your nearest pond, you are going to need bait. If you have ever watched professional fishing on TV then you will sometimes see them go on and on about the different types of bait that they us. The bait will have different names and consistency while being formulated for a certain type of fish. But if you have ever gone fishing yourself then you know that you will probably not worry about having the latest and greatest bait to reel fish in. You will go to the bait store that is near the lake and buy some of the good stuff as long as it does not get too pricey. You want to have a good lure but not enough to bust your budget. It is the same thing in the black hat hacker world.

When you have a trap set up as a black hat hacker, you do not want to put too much money into it. You are working with a limited budget and if you make the trap worth more than the money that you are going to get back then you are what they call “hustling backwards”. Just like in any other business, you want to be sure that you make a profit. It is not about just bringing in revenue. You want to be able to profit so that you can bring about your next scheme.

Adult Web Sites Are Still The Main Lure For Hackers

So what do hackers use as cheap lure

Just like in any other business, the lure that you use all depends on the target that you are going after. When it comes to men the best lure that has been proven over and over again to work is online porn. No matter how many places they are able to get it for free, if men see somewhere else that they can use for a resource for adult online material then they will go it. And this is what the black hat hackers are looking for. They are using the adult material as an attention gainer and after they have you, they will spring the trap.

Besides the traffic, what are the other reasons why adult web sites work?

The biggest reason why black hat hackers use adult materials is because naked women bring in traffic. But there are other benefits from using an adult web site as well to bring in your prey. First of all, when a person usually goes to a new web site, they are taught that these days you should always be on guard. They are on the lookout for every little thing. But when they are on an adult web site they lower their inhibitions by a lot. A lot of the good choices they would have made in the past fly right out of the window.

Another reason why adult web sites are a good choice when you are running a scam is because it is so easy to hide the technology to do it. The average adult web site viewer knows that they have to have JavaScript running to be able to see the content on the web site. So you know that you have a JavaScript target if you are willing to implement your plan in JavaScript. But that is not all. A great many of the adult web sites out there also run Flash on the sites. So if you base the attack on the Flash run time, like more and more black hat hackers are starting to do, then you know that you have that platform available to you as well.

As an attacker, the more platforms that you have available to you to attack, the better off you will be. The more distracted your victim is by looking at the site, the more you are going to be able to get away with. If you have the right tech and the right content then you do not have to worry about the victim noticing. They will be too busy to pay attention to the backdoor that you are loading into their computer.

When you are surfing the web, you have to remember that there are dangers that lay everywhere. You cannot just hope to go on a web site and there will be no danger. You have to look around a little and adjust your bearings. Remember the bad guys do not want you to know that they are there. They will do everything in their ability to cover up their tracks. It is up to you to be on watch. If you do not then you might find that you, your computer or your credit report might all be the victims.

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