Acronis True Image 2013 And The Trouble With Windows 8 Secure Boot

If you have any sense at all then you are employing some sort of backup solution for your PC – computers can and do go wrong and we all store hundreds if not thousands of gigabytes of data on our machines these days.

There are many ways you can duplicate your important documents, music, photos, etc ranging from USB sticks to DVDs and onto more professional solutions.

One such product you may have considered is Acronis True Image 2013 which is often recognised as being a top quality backup solution.


There does, however, seem to be an issue with the latest version though – trying to restore PCs on Windows 8 based systems is being hampered by the new operating system’s Secure Boot facility, despite the fact that Acronis’ product is marketed as being fully compatible with Windows 8.

Secure Boot is a sound security idea which has been introduced to prevent Windows 8 PCs from booting up an unknown operating system but in this instance it would seem that includes Acronis Start Up manager which is a Linux based recovery environment.

“PC Pro reader Brian Taylor contacted Acronis when he couldn’t recover his Windows 8 Ultrabook. In an email from the company’s support desk, he was told: “I can understand your concern and I would like to inform you that the reason why you are getting the error message, that is because of Windows 8 certification. As a workaround it is necessary to disable the Secure Boot.”

Hopefully a new build from Acronis will be available very soon…

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