Lee Munson is BH Consulting’s Social Media Manager and a contributor to the Sophos Naked Security blog.

Coming from a retail background his huge amount of passion for the topic of information security has been gained through his research, self-education and writing on various aspects of the discipline.

Through this work he has gained a unique insight into security and brings the ability to translate the highly technical field that is information security into plain language that business people and other non-technical folk can better understand.

Lee has the ability to present complex issues in simple terms as can be demonstrated by the various articles he has written for the likes of SC Magazine, Computer Weekly, The Hacker News Magazine and blog and Haker5.

Lee’s expertise and knowledge on the subject is demonstrated by the popularity of his own blog – Security-FAQs.com – and the large network of like-minded individuals and contacts he has built up within the Information Security field.

Lee is a prolific social media user and engages with over 9,000 followers on Twitter.

You may bump into Lee as he attends many industry events such as The RANT Conference, InfoSecurity Europe, IrissCon and BsidesLondon.