Hello and welcome to my site, Security-FAQs.com.

Before you read on I’d like to let you know that I am not a security expert, though I am rather keen on learning to become one as this blog develops over the coming years.

About Me

My name is Lee and I live near London in the UK.

My interest in computing started many years ago, long before the internet was created.

My first computer, if you can call it that by today’s standards, was a ZX81 (which I still have!)lee-munson

From there I moved onto the ZX Spectrum on which I learned some basic programming skills, creating worm and space invader type games for my own benefit.

At school I learned to program on the BBC micro whilst studying for my O’Levels, before being kicked off the course for creating some rather, ahem, interesting applications that could be used for some, um, interesting fun on the school’s network. (They still let me take the exam though and I passed)

After school I learned a bit of Pascal and Cobol whilst studying for my A’Level in computer science.

Ironically, as I ‘grew up’, I ditched computers and went through a collection of consoles before passing them onto my kids who taught me that I was really a bit rubbish at playing games!

That brought me back to the PC and several years of building them for friends and family at a time when it was much, much cheaper than buying ready made machines from the brick and mortar retailers.

This led me into a lifetime of giving unpaid support to people who somehow managed to know less that I did about the computers they now owned.

About Security-FAQs.com

My interest in internet security and related topics came from an incident a few years back when a friend of mine fell for one of those scam emails we all get from the Nigerian prince.

security-faqsI’ve also had to deal with more than my fair share of viruses though, thankfully, I’ve only ever had one infection on a computer that I’ve owned.

With this limited knowledge I’ve gained I decided to create this site to share it in a language people such as myself would understand – I found that ‘proper’ security sites always tended to be a bit too technical for me and struggled to find articles in plain language.

Hopefully, I have succeeded in displaying the information you are looking for in a way that is neither too basic nor too technical.

Contact Me

I’d love to hear from anyone reading this here site.

You’re welcome to leave comments on individual posts, use the contact form or catch up with me on Twitter where I seem to spend an increasing amount of time these days.

I am especially interested in hearing from anyone looking to collaborate on projects and I do sometimes accept guest posts.

I’d also like to hear your constructive feedback about the site and it’s contents, including any topics you’d like me to write about in the future.

All posts at Security-FAQs are written by Lee Munson