A Tumor Isnt Humor – Cancer Fraud


A highly emotive subject.

I would imagine most people nowadays have a family member, or know of someone, who has suffered from cancer.

Though there may one day be a cure for cancer (a topic I will express my feelings about soon), that is of little comfort to those who have already lost a loved one or who know someone who is currently suffering from this hideous disease.

Many people who contract cancer subsequently die.

Death leads to fear, and fear opens the door to fraudsters.



There is, as of yet, no cure for cancer.


There is, however, extensive research going on all around the world as scientists attempt to find that miracle cure.

Quite obviously, such extensive research doesn’t come cheap and several organisations rely upon charitable donations in order to continue their work into finding a cure for cancer.

It is also obvious that people who have been affected by cancer, either themselves or through someone they know, are likely to make the most generous donators.

Unsurprisingly, callous and greedy scam artists have found ways to divert these funds into their own pockets by –

  • Impersonating genuine charity workers taking donations in the street
  • Spoofing well-known cancer charity websites that accept online donations
  • Sending emails with fake headers that make them look like reputable charities

If you are not careful you may unwittingly make a donation to such fraudsters and may never realise it.


Whether a cure for cancer has been found, may be found or will be found is, perhaps, debatable.

However, the fact that many people want to believe it will happen is quite significant to the scam artists.

Such cancerous fraudsters take full advantage of their victim’s insecurities, inviting them to believe in just about anything that may offer them a reprieve from their fate.

A prognosis of cancer is so shocking to some people that they do not realise that many forms are actually treatable, or at least controllable.

Scammers will always be lurking, waiting to paint a dark picture black and then offer their solution. At a cost.

One of their most profitable ventures is to persuade cancer sufferers to embark on ineffective courses of medication in preference to the treatment their doctor may have prescribed.

As already mentioned, there is, as far as we are led to believe, no wonder cure for cancer. If someone offers you one then surely that should be a seriously big red flag shouldn’t it?

If an email, website or stranger offers you the cure that the world’s greatest scientists have failed to find then why would you trust a word they say?

Likewise, if they were to try to debunk treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation then shouldn’t you be asking why?

Understandably, when someone has terminal cancer they will likely be prepared to try anything but then that’s exactly what these con artists are banking upon.


Simply being aware is the the main defence against cancer fraud.

Whether you are a donator or a cancer sufferer, it is extremely important to consider where exactly your money is going.

It is also advisable to be aware of what the standard treatments are so that you can assess whether any alternatives you or your loved ones are being offered are likely to be viable or not.

Lastly, if you are making a donation then choose a nationally recognised organisation and visit their website directly, or make a donation via their publicised phone numbers – never click on links in emails or trust the contact details contained within them.

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  1. bridget mahoney says:

    I believe that most cancers are not detectable and at 70yrs of age i have never had a mammogram, cervical and any other test. It is best not to go looking for illnesses. I avoid any pharmacueticals apart from the odd headache pill. I expect to die of simple old age

  2. How to Slash World Cancer Rates By 90 Percent: Healthy Foods, Exercise and Vitamin D
    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

    (NaturalNews) Although you won’t hear this from the cancer industry or the drug companies that profit from cancer, there’s an easy, low-cost and remarkably safe way to slash cancer rates around the world by about one-third, says the World Cancer Research Fund: Promote healthy foods and exercise! (http://www.wcrf-uk.org)

    According to research just released by the WCRF, simple changes in diet and exercise can prevent nearly 40 percent of breast and pancreatic cancers, 36 percent of lung cancers, over 60 percent of mouth cancers, a quarter of kidney cancers and 45 percent of bowel cancers.

    Remarkably, these results were achieved without any mention of vitamin D! By adding vitamin D to the mix, which by itself has been demonstrated to prevent an astonishing 77 percent of all cancers (http://www.naturalnews.com/021892.html), cancer prevention rates approaching 90 percent overall can be easily achieved.

    This report also did not mention eliminating dangerous cancer-causing chemicals from the diet, such as sodium nitrite found in processed meats (hot dogs, sausage, bacon, etc.) and artificial chemical sweeteners. It also did not take into account the health benefits of avoiding cancer-causing chemicals in personal care products such as shampoo, antibacterial soap, common fragrance products, hand lotions and so on (choose 100% natural, USDA-certified organic versions of these products to avoid the toxic chemicals).

    Avoiding mammograms, which harm ten women for every one that it helps (http://www.naturalnews.com/020829.html), also greatly reduces the risk of breast cancer. A much safer alternative is to use breast thermograms, which offer far more accurate detection without the dangerous radiation.

    If you take all lifestyle changes into account, achieving a 90 percent reduction in overall cancer rates is quite readily achievable.

    Low cancer rates means low profits for the cancer industry
    This is terrible news for the cancer industry, which preys on cancer patients and exploits them for profit. As of today, the cancer industry still refuses to teach women about vitamin D. This includes all the pink ribbon cancer non-profit groups, by the way, who simultaneously claim to be searching for “the cure” even while insisting there is no such thing as a cure. Prevention of cancer isn’t even on their radar. After all, if 9 out of 10 women never even got breast cancer, these groups would lose their power (and their jobs).

    The success of the cancer industry depends entirely on the population remaining ignorant about cancer prevention strategies that are cheap, safe and remarkably effective.

    Mammogram and chemotherapy pushers want women to believe cancer is inevitable — a genetic defect they have no control over. What they refuse to admit (publicly, at least) is that the expression of so-called “cancer genes” is almost entirely controlled by lifestyle choices. Thus, even a woman whose mother and grandmother had breast cancer can reduce her risk of breast cancer to near zero by simply changing her lifestyle choices, starting with dietary choices and healthy sunlight exposure (for vitamin D).

    Anti-cancer superfoods are available everywhere. Some of the best, in my opinion, are Pure Synergy (www.TheSynergyCompany.com) and Vitamineral Green (www.HealthForce.com). These contain potent, anti-cancer plant-based nutrients, and I believe that every human being should be drinking at least one heaping tablespoon of these nutrients each day. Cancer simply cannot replicate in an environment containing the right superfood nutrients.

    Even the dreaded BRCA1 gene, which has women running scared and surrendering to double mastectomies as a “prevention” surgery for cancer (insane!), can be completely nullified through diet, exercise and vitamin D.

    Authors’ Quotes on Cancer and Lifestyle http://www.naturalnews.com/z025730.html
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  3. Are you suggesting that there really is a cure for cancer that we haven’t been told about?

    • You’ll have to wait for an upcoming post I am writing Peter, in which I will contemplate whether we already have a cure for cancer.

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