A Top 5 List Of The Most Common Security Hoaxes On The Internet

Most people tend to ignore the email that may appear in their spam folders, with good reason of course.

Sometime, if you are expecting an email and it hasn’t appeared yet, you may check the spam folder to make sure that it didn’t end up in there.

Otherwise you will just most likely ignore it.

Sometimes, the opposite might happen and a piece of spam email may appear in your normal inbox.

The spammers will find a way to circumvent the filters.

So now that it is in your normal email inbox, you will tend to trust it a little bit more.

It will tell you a story that may come off as a serious piece of news or a rumor that is going around.

It may sound credible or it might sound crazy, the main thing that the email wants you to do, is to click on the link.

Once you click on that link, they have won the battle.

Dangerous Places

It’s not the email itself that is dangerous, its the place that it is sending you to.

There are a lot of hoaxes that are discovered everyday floating around the Internet.

These new stories are passed around, just to see what sticks.

Along with the new ones, there are some that have been around forever.

They are still used by hackers and spammers, because people will continuously click on them.

They are worded just right, so that they do their job and make people click on to somewhere they do not want to be.

They may think that by clicking the link, they are getting the rest of the story, but in reality, they are being sent somewhere that will damage their computer.

Some of these hoaxes have been around for years.

At this point, maybe even decades.

No matter how many warnings are given, people still tend to click on them.

As long as that happens, they will never stop.

The Top 5 Email Hoaxes

Here are some of the top five email hoaxes that are being spread around on the Internet –

  1. A.I.D.s virus – this hoax tells people that they have to be aware of email messages that state “OPEN: VERY COOL” or “aolfree.com”. It then ask you to warn everyone in your message book.
  2. Evocash – This hoax sends a false alert, saying that it contains a worm. It doesn’t but the page that it sends you to might. Just delete it.
  3. John Kennedy Jr – This is another one that tells you to watch out for a virus being spread by a screensaver called “John Kennedy Jr”.
  4. Big Brother – This is an old hoax, that comes around every year while the show big brother is on. This is another one to just delete and not pay attention to.
  5. PANDEMIC COMPUTER VIRUS – This is another that tells users about a fake computer virus, called “Microshaft”. Again this is not real and you should not pay attention to what it says.

These are the 5 most common email hoaxes that are out there.

If you see any of these hoaxes, to not be concerned.

Simply take your delete key in your email and use it.

Do not click on any links or take any actions that these emails may suggest to you.

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