A Review Of The Metasploit Framework And How It Can Help Your Company

There are certain tools that can be used by both the black hat and white community when it comes to hackers.

As a matter of fact, if you are part of the white hat community and you are not using said tools then you are behind the bad guys and are most likely the one that is going to have their network penetrated.

The game that is played when it comes to security over the internet is based on knowledge and the smarter person usually wins the match so you must make sure that the people that you have working for you are knowledgeable as well.

One of the tools that can help your network and security people become more knowledgeable is called the metasploit framework.

In this article I will explain what this framework is and how it can help you in your fight against black hat hackers.

If your security people learn this tool then they will at least be close to an even par with most of the hackers that are out there.

review of the metasploit framework

review of the metasploit framework

So What Does The Metasploit Framework Do?

While there are many different ways that a black hat hacker will try to attack your network, it is usually based on the same kind of methods, just with a twist.

What the metasploit framework does is show you many of the methods of exploitations that have been found.

It also shows you how you can do those same exploits yourself.

With information like this you are able to test your own network and see if the exploits work against it.

This tool was first created in 2003 and it started off as a small open source project.

When people started to see how it useful it was they attached on and started to add their own little changes to it.

All of these changes started to add up to make a powerful anti-forensic tool.

There are so many ways that you can configure it to check against the vulnerabilities in your network.

You can just see if your system has one of the more than 300+ vulnerabilities that are listed in the framework.

It has holes listed from three of the major operating systems – Apple, Windows, and Linux.

Also, you can configure it to see if one of those holes will allow a payload to go through.

There are times when just because you have a hole in your system, it does not necessarily mean that a payload will be allowed to get through – it depends upon the set up your network and the set up of the computer nodes on the network as well.

It will also test some of the protection tools that you have on the network and not just the network itself.

If you have an IPS set up, which stands for Intrusion Protection System, it will test to see if it works as well.

It will encode some of the payloads that are trying to get into your system and test to see if the IPS picks it up.

If it doesn’t then you know that you have a problem.

These are the many things that the Metasploit framework can do.

Now let’s see how it can help you fight back against the bad guys that are trying to invade your system.

Fighting Back Against The Bad Guys

While the Metasploit framework will not help you much when it comes to playing offense in the war against the black hat hackers that are out there, it will help you a lot when it comes to playing defense.

Most of the black hat hackers that are out there are known as script kiddies.

This means that they use exploits that are already created but they do not know how they work and this is what the framework will help you fight against.

In the framework you will have a lot of the tools and scripts that they use for attacks.

If you already have them and the people that you have working on your security already knows them then you will have an easier time when it comes to fortifying your network security against it.

You will have won the knowledge battle by having your people already know what the bad guy is going to do before he even attacks.

The bad guys usually pick at the low hanging fruit and if you are already prepared then there is not much that you have to worry about.

They will go after another target that is a lot easier.

The Metasploit framework will also help you against more advanced black hat hackers but they are a little more resourceful.

If they see that you have all of the normal holes patched up then they might pull some tricks out of their sleeves that only they know about.

If you have a network then the metasploit framework is a great tool that will help protect it.

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