A Problem With Mac OS X Lion Accepting Any Password

When you think about Apple computers, you usually think about computers that are easy to use and bug free. Sure there may be a few issues but nothing that cannot be easily solved. But every now and then there is a problem with an Apple product that is serious and something that must be really looked into. There recently was a problem found with how a LDAP works on the Apple version of servers.

A Problem With Mac OS X Lion Accepting Any Password

What is LDAP?

LDAP stands for the words Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. This means that it is basically a database for directory information services. You would use it when you are talking about services such as email or a phonebook. It is a program that you see used in offices all over the world and when you find out that one of the major operating system vendors does not work right then that is a big problem.

What was the problem?

The problem found was that when you connected to openLDAP, the open source version of this software, which was not connecting right. Instead of being able to authentic users with a username and password, you were just letting anyone in. So to be able to get pass the security of the program all they needed to do was type in a username and any password in their head and they were in. This is, of course, not acceptable by any means. If you have a work server then you know that there can be sensitive information on there. You do not want to even take a chance of anyone who isn’t authorized being able to get in there.

The solution

This is a problem that has been pointed out to Apple and hopefully there will be a solution ready soon. You must be able to trust the tools that you use and I am sure that Apple does not want to have this blight on their record. This is a very serious security issue that must be fixed right away.

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