A New 0 Day On Adobe Reader

When you run a large business and have a popular software product then at some point you know that you are going to be targeted by malicious black hat hackers. You just cannot deny this simple fact. It happens to everyone. A popular software product is the perfect way to deliver an attack on unsuspecting users. Not only is the product spread to a lot of different machines around the world, it is also a trusted product where no-one will think anything is wrong. So when a zero day happens to a product such as this it is all hands on deck to try and stop the affects.

What is a zero day?

A zero day is a virus or another piece of malware that has never been seen in the wild before. How software security works these days is a piece of malware will come out and then security vendors and the creators of the software will take their time and try to fix it. The period between the fix and the virus being in the wild is known as the zero day period.

Just recently the Adobe Reader software was found to have a zero day attack attached to it. Adobe Reader is software provided by the Adobe company that allows you to read PDF files. Again, you have probably used PDF files before but were not sure that was what they were called. PDF files are files that you will find on the internet that allow you to read information on the web in a more magazine like format. It usually looks a lot better than the web format you usually see but is not as easy to use and takes longer to download.

The Adobe zero day is injected by a memory corruption vulnerability. The reason why this is bad is because the vulnerability allows you to be able to run arbitrary code anywhere in the memory. This is real bad and can cause serious problems on your computer. If you want to know more about the vulnerability you can look it up on the web by its name CVE-2011-2462.

Zero days like this are a good reason for you to always have updated antivirus software running in the background. Attacks happen all of the time and you need to be prepared.

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