A Multi Level Marketer’s Guide To Seduction

Everyone wants to be successful with members of the opposite sex.

Or even members of the same sex in some cases.

Maybe even animals too, but we won’t go there.

Some multi level marketers, however, may need some assistance in attracting a mate.

Here then, is a guide to seduction written with the multi level marketer in mind.

When Does The Seduction Start?

This first question has to be asked because many multi level marketers make mistakes when it comes to seduction.

They mistakenly believe that seduction only begins when they are alone with their potential prospect.

In reality, seduction begins long before you get your prospect alone.

In fact, it begins during your initial conversation.

If you can set a seductive tone from the moment you meet a prospective recruit, then you can quickly build rapport and hence attraction with them.

The end result is that you’ll then find it easier to get your prospect onto the end of your downline.

Seduction Techniques

The following 4 techniques will aid you in your one on one recruitment sessions and could quite possibly lead to a long and meaningful business partnership, or several one night recruitment bonuses, depending upon your preferences.

Seduction Technique #1- The Funny Opener

Before the opener comes the approach.

I won’t go into detail of that here though as I’m sure you remember the 3 foot rule don’t you?


Ok, to quickly recap, anyone who comes within 3 foot of you is a potential prospect.

To be honest, the first thing you say to a prospect sets the tone of the ENTIRE conversation.

Therefore, you will need to employ a humorous and interesting opener in order to attract their attention.

Your goal when you first approach a potential recruit is to get them talking and, more importantly, interested in what you have to offer.

The best way of achieving this is by using an opener that will elicit an opinion from them.

For instance, by asking her if she is happy in her boring 9 – 5 job.

If you can do this in an amusing way then you will have successfully engaged your target in conversation..

Seduction Technique #2- Be Cocky & Funny

Once you have hijacked your target, you should instantly switch into your cocky and funny mode.

The premise of cocky and funny is to appear incredibly arrogant whilst making fun of her current career.

At first, the cocky and funny attitude may appear to be counter-intuitive.

However, it is a tried and tested technique that works well by using boasts about yourself and put downs against her in order to demonstrate your dominance.

On a subconscious level your prospect will then realise that you are an alpha jerk multi level marketer.

As long as she carries on listening to you, you have a chance of pushing her to the next level.

Seduction Technique #3- Interesting Interrogation

Repeat after me…

‘I will NOT let her control the conversation’.

The main thing to remember here is that this woman is fortunate to be in your company. Therefore she should shut up and let you talk.

The importance of controlling the conversation cannot be emphasised too much.

Many multi level marketers will ask women interesting questions such as ‘would they sleep with a complete stranger’ or ‘what is the craziest thing they have ever done’.

This approach simply doesn’t work though, except for one particular question – ‘how would you spend a million dollars?’

Instead you should stick to the textbook and interrogate her about her life.

Not the personal stuff though, just focus on the financial aspects of where she is and where she would like to be.

Once you have extracted all this information you will be well prepared to sell your mlm to her by highlighting how bad her life is in every way and how your opportunity can set her free.

Seduction Technique #4- Remember To Always Practice Safe MLM

The best way to really seduce a woman during your conversation is to use multi level marketing innuendos.

Please note that this doesn’t mean you should start talking about how you want to recruit this woman.

Instead, you should cleverly interweave small hints into the conversation.

For instance, you could joke about how ‘she wants to see the size of your downline’.

Alternatively, you could make out that your not ‘that kind of guy’ and that she’s just trying to get inside your pyramid.

If you can combine multi level marketing innuendos with the cocky & funny approach you’ll quickly steer the conversation towards the topic of recruitment.

When you get to this stage you are well on your way.

You should now start boasting about the size of your opportunity and how you would like her to get a grip on it.

Having already found out about whatever holes she has in her finances you are now well prepared and able to slide your sales pitch all the way in.

Now that she has taken the bait you shouldn’t let go – keep pumping her for information and thrusting your opportunity right back into her face.

Leave every last drop of information you have on the tip of her tongue and then collect her contact details.

With any luck, you will have done enough to satisfy her and can now move on to the next prospect.

Get Seducing

As you now know, seduction starts long before you even talk to your prospect.

By using the 4 seduction techniques listed above you should be able to enlarge your downline at will.

And we all know that the multi level marketers with the biggest downlines are the ones that have the most satisfying relationships.

If, however, none of this works for you, then you may want to pay this guy to help.

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