A Heads Up For Security Companies – Multiple Vulnerabilities Allegedly Discovered In BitDefender’s Website

If you don’t have a website yourself then I bet you haven’t even stopped to think how difficult or hard it is to secure that web property. Heck, a lot of people I know who do have websites don’t stop and think of security in any shape or form! But if they did then they would quickly realise that it isn’t a particularly simple task. In fact, if a hacker wants to find a way in then they probably will eventually despite your best efforts to thwart them.

That said, you would think that the companies who sell security to us would be on top of their game and that there wouldn’t be any vulnerabilities on their sites. Wouldn’t you?


Apparently – and this is by no means a fact at this time – security giant BitDefender have multiple vulnerabilities on their website.

“The website is having several reflected XXS vulnerabilities and the CSRF vulnerability. Also I have found a way to cause DOS attack on the local server to take BitDefender temporarely down.”
Rynaldo, Security Researcher via ehackingnews.com

Fortunately it appears that social media star, all round top man and BitDefender hero Alin Vlad is on the case now so if there are any security concerns there then I’m sure they will be addressed real soon.


If any of you reading this have any more info on this subject then I’d appreciate it if you could share it with us via the comments section. Thanks.

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