A General Overview Of How The PS3 Was Hacked

If you have any idea about the mind state of the normal hacker then you would know that the harder you make something to get into, the more you will pique their interest.

The average hacker is a person who likes a mystery, especially a challenging one.

If there is an item and the contents inside of it are already known then the typical person who makes up the hacker profile will have no interest in it.

But, if all of a sudden, you put a black curtain over the item, then the hacker will start to become intrigued.

This is why hackers always try to get into the innards of the latest video game systems.


Very few of them do it so that they can play the newest games for free.

Even though that may seem like the byproduct of their actions, it is mostly the people who sponge off the actions of the hackers that participate in that action.

For the actual hacker, the time that it takes to create the hack would be better suited in just buying the game.

It would be less of a hassle over the long run.

Instead, the payment for the hacker is the thrill of the hunt.

Being able to get the information from this little black box is a reward all of its own for a hacker.

Just recently, the Playstation 3 was finally hacked.

Out of all of the modern video game systems, this system has proven to be the hardest to get past the security.

Now that it actually has been done, the hack is being spread around the internet.

For most people who see the hack, they will not be able to understand the complexity of what they are looking at.

Here then is a very general overview of what was done.

The PS3 Resisted Hacking For Years

The hack for the Playstation 3 has its origins around 7 months ago.

This is when the person who first discovered the IPhone hack, named Geotip was able to figure out how to get around the firmware in the machine.

This was done through the use of manipulating the memory of the Playstation 3.

If you know anything about how a computer works, and a Playstation 3 is nothing but a special computer, then you know that the memory is one of the most important parts of the process.

It allows the data that is going to go to the CPU to be stored in an area where it is easily accessible.

The memory, before it ships the data to the CPU, is segmented.

So that the CPU is able to find the data that it needs each of these segments has an address.

The hack for the Playstation 3 was able to take one of these addresses and put in special data that was not supposed to be there.

This data caused a bigger chain reaction that allowed more data to be put in and for certain Playstation 3 functionality to be released.

This is a technique that has been used in other computer hacks for years now but with the Playstation 3 there was something special that had to happen.

Since 2006, no one had been able to reliably hack the Playstation 3 and now it was being done without a mod chip even being needed.

There were many special circumstances that caused the Playstation 3 to be resistant to hacking for so many years, but the non-x86 architecture was the biggest reason.

Most hackers are used to working on this type of architecture but the Playstation 3 ran a brand new technology that was known as the cell.

This technology was pretty innovative at the time but it is not being used anymore.

I’ve deliberately not given you the details of how the hack was performed but you can find out quite easily through simple web searches.

New Tools Emerge

Right now, there are tools, such as USB dongles, that are coming into the market that are taking advantage of the hack.

The data that was available before was not stuff that the average person could comprehend.

It had to be made so that the average person would be able to use it, hence the tools that are coming out now.

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