A Dark Knight For Batman Hoaxes

Upcoming film Batman, The Dark Knight has kicked off it’s internet marketing campaign in a unique fashion.


In addition to the usual means of promotion, Warner have also deployed at least a few dozen websites that would initially seem to duck under the radar.

Gina Tortericci

Rememberinggina.org looks like it is some sort of obituary website, complete with picture, poem and messages left from the poor girls nearest and dearest.

All the way to the bottom of the page you would think that this site was quite a sad dedication to a life lost early.

Gotham City

However, when you read the bottom couple of lines, all is revealed –

The reference to Gotham City is the obvious tell-tale sign that this website is not what it first appears to be.


I was alerted to the Gina site an hour or two ago and whilst writing this post I received notification of a new post from weberence.com via RSS.

Seems like there are now around 40 or so of these fake sites promoting the Dark Knight.

Having just taken a quick peek at a few I have to say that this viral marketing ploy is quite cunning.

This, for once, is a hoax I’d be quite happy to propagate across the net.

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  1. I’ve just got back from watching Dark knight and have to say that this film is well worth the hype.

  2. weberence says:

    It is a great viral, every website is very professional!

    Once more, thank you for your support 🙂

    • Right place.. right time.. your feed came through as I was writing and the liat you had compiled was definitely worth a link.

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