9 Reasons Why MLM May Be The Right Business For You

Regular readers will know that I am not a fan of network/multi level marketing.

So, by way of a change, here’s a list of reasons why some people do actually think that multi level marketing is a great business to be in –

  1. Start-up costs are low when compared with other businesses
  2. Apparently, products from MLM companies are typically of a high quality
  3. You can work the hours you want, allowing you time freedom or the ability to work other jobs
  4. You can work from the comfort of your own home
  5. You can deduct your business expenses when calculating your income tax
  6. You answer to no-one – you are your own boss
  7. Your income level may allow you to retire early or even quit your regular job
  8. Income earned will be residual, allowing you to make money for years to come
  9. Your social and business network will increase as you meet many like-minded people.

Check back tomorrow for the conflicting report, giving the same number of reason why I think MLM is NOT the right business to be in..

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