7th Day Adventists In £3.2m Trading Scam

A court case currently underway in Southwark Crown Court in London is hearing how a group of 5 men, posing as 7th Day Adventists, allegedly swindled trusting Christians out of £3.2m.

According to the Prosecution, they allegedly tricked the money from over 1000 fellow worshipers and spent it on luxury flats, cars and holidays.

The Prosecution went on to claim that the gang offered to invest the money with the offer of high returns.

It is said that they even took their victims to fake offices they had set up for the sole purpose of phoning fake investors in front of them in order to add credibility to their story.

It is further alleged that of the £3.2m, only £12000 was ever invested and that the group did in fact suffer a loss of 50% on this particular deal.

The trial continues with 4 of the 5 involved charged with fraudulent trading and money laundering.

The 5th member of the group is charged solely with money laundering.

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