7 Views On MLM – Which Is Yours?

Everybody perceives the world around them in different ways and that, I believe, is a good thing because life would be boring if we were all the same.

Multi level marketing is much the same – one person’s scam is another’s profitable career.

Here are 7 ways of viewing multi level marketing –

  1. MLM is a get rich quick scheme
  2. Network marketing offers long-term investment potential
  3. Multi level marketing is nothing more than a pyramid scam
  4. MLM offers a great opportunity to earn from home
  5. Multi level marketing offers people an easy way to get out of debt
  6. It’s an opportunity to make money online
  7. MLM offers long-term residual incomes

In a recent, and on-going, poll here 62% of voters said MLM was a pyramid scam, versus 38% who thought it was the road to financial freedom.

Which of the above do you agree with?

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  1. I think most network marketing opportunities are nothing more than pyramid scams as even those with product appear to encourage a lot of front loading.

  2. I guess it depends on whether you are prepared to work or not. Some see mlm as a get rich quick scheme and then holla that it is a scam when they fail. Those who work it properly often make good money and residual incomes.

  3. #3 definitely a pyramid scam.

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