64% Of You Are Worried That You Have Been Infected By The Confiker Worm

are you worried about the Conficker worm?

Last month I ran a poll which asked readers whether they thought they may have been infected by the notorious Confiker worm.

When the poll ended there had been 295 responses, yielding the following results –


Are you worried that your PC may be infected by the Confiker worm?

YES : 64% (188 votes)

NO : 28% (84 votes)

WHAT IS THE CONFIKER WORM? : 8% (23 votes)

Considering the amount of publicity that Confiker has been gathering recently I am quite shocked that 23 of the voters hadn’t heard what all the fuss is about.

Of the 188 of you who are concerned that you may have been infected, the questions I want to ask you are –

Why do you think your computer may be infected and what have you done about it?

Are you one of the 6 million people infected by Confiker?

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  1. WOW! I’m amazed that you paid attention to any of the serious stuff on here! 😀

  2. i have good antivirus thanks to reading your site. Otherwise I have done nothing and dont worry about it.

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