5 Excellent Resources Found Online That Can Help In Web Design

Professionals nowadays have intimate knowledge of the challenges and intricacies that lend themselves to the art of web design and development.

Advances in technology are always giving rise to new applications and trends, that sometimes it is difficult to even just select a starting point in any given web project.

To the itinerant designer who continuously plumbs the depths of the internet in his or her quest for inspirations on web design, five websites are especially helpful.

5 online resources every web designer should be aware of

5 online resources every web designer should be aware of

These websites are detailed in the following passages –

CSS Mania

This website quite possibly holds the biggest collection of CSS found online.

CSS Mania showcases particularly good website designs that are submitted to it by various sources.

For the clueless designer, this collection may prove the answer to his or her idea problems.

And although the styles submitted are not available as templates for other users to incorporate to their own websites, they can provide the inspiration to design a site layout along similar lines.

Smashing Magazine

This one is very popular with designers and developers alike.

Not only does it contain interesting samples of web design, it provides the viewer with tutorials, guidelines and other useful web development tidbits.

The Smashing Magazine website is highly-recommended for users who would like to view what is happening in the web design scene.

It was launched in 2006, and one of its features allows the viewer to take a peek at the historical stages of the fledgling web development industry a few years back.

Web Design Ledger

This blog website is filled with updates from knowledgeable sources regarding procedures and recent events in web development.

Designers who are at a loss and looking for that bit of inspiration for a creative layout may find it in the site’s various posts devoted to making impressive footers and headers, among others.


For anyone wanting to view good layout ideas for WordPress, jquery plugins or existing web designs, this is the place to go to.

A great website to start when searching for advances in web technology.

It also has a number of links pointing to similar content.

CSS Zen Garden

An exciting web design activity is to apply various cascade style sheets to see how a particular HTML coded content will look to viewers, as well as search engines.

CSS Zen Garden provides this ability, in that it enables web artists to make use of standard HTML markup and from there branch out to make compatible designs.

With a showcase of previous works done by other designers using this concept, it takes its utility factor one step further by making the CSS of these samples available as templates for others.

A good source of step-by-step understanding how people came up with the great ideas they had.

The five websites specified enjoy popularity owing to the numerous articles that are being contributed to them daily, that anyone can come across them easily through a link or a social bookmarking website.

The fresh ideas that are found within their pages are the best fixes available to artists experiencing dry spells, when what they need are great concepts for web design.

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