3 Computer Security Books That Will Get You Through The Industry

If you are a person that is looking to get into the computer security field then there might be times where everything can seem confusing. If you were to work in a normal security field such as club protection then there would be one thing that you would have to focus on. That one thing would be protecting the people inside of the club. Sure there would be little things in the technique of how to accomplish that but the mandate would be the same. Keep the people safe and keep the club from burning to the ground from those very same people. When it comes to computer security unfortunately there are many things that you have to focus on because the bad guys are craftier. There are so many holes that will allow you to get around inside of the computer that you will have to know at least a little about all of them to be able to be effective.


So many threats

The modern day computer has so many different layers that to be effective you will have to have some insight into all of them. But when you finally start to work in the security field, you are going to have to choose one to be your main topic of focus. Are you going to be a network guy and focus on the black hat hackers that try to get in through that manner? Or are you going to be someone who analyzes malware and try to reverse engineer the damage that they do? In this article I will show you several books that will help you get started in learning about the security field so you can be effective in whatever section you decide to cover.

Hacking Exposed

The first book that you should take a look at is the Hacking Exposed series. This is a book that is updated all of the time and it will help introduce you into the world of computer security. While not delving deep into just one aspect of hacking, it will take you into the world and show you many different things. The book is updated all of the time so that it can show you the latest in cutting edge technology that you might have to deal with in your battle to protect your systems. The technology in the computer security field is always changing so you have to make sure that you are able to keep up with it. If not then you will be in trouble and will not be able to last very long in the job. Books like this will be able to help you with that.

Exploiting Software: How to Break the Code

This book is mainly for programmers. It is written for the express purpose of teaching them how to code proper secured software. But if you are someone who works in the computer security field then it is a great book for you to read as well. You will be able to learn how to spot shoddy security practices in the software that you use. If you want to make sure that the programs that your company uses on the network are safe and secure then this book is a must read. Being able to spot a problem before it happens is a very useful tool and will help you a lot in the field. Most of the malware that is out in the wild today focuses on weak software that is installed in computers. Being able to spot that before it happens to you is a great tool.

Reversing: the secrets of Reverse Engineering

This book focuses mainly on topics that will help you in figuring out how a program works. When you work in the computer security field you are going to see a lot of malware written by a lot of black hat hackers. They will try to infect your system in many different ways. If you want to stop that from happening then you must be able to predict how their program is going to affect you. Most people do not go this deep into the computer security field and they are content at just using the tools that are handy. With a book like this you will be able to make your own tools to be able to stop the bad guys. If you would like to be considered someone who is elite in the field then this book is your best bet.

These are three books that will help you stop malware from infecting your system. If you are just starting out in the computer field then these books are a great place to start. Do not stop there though. There are many other books, web sites, and papers that will allow you to get a full grip into the world that you are about to enter.

Which security books do you read and which would you recommend?

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