2281 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Paddle A Canoe Like John Darwin

John Darwin, the now infamous canoeist (or kayaker if your name is Danny Bloom) from Seaton Carew has been jailed for six years and three months.

If my maths is correct then that equates to 2281 days.

His wife, Anne Darwin, received a sentence of six and a half years in jail for her part in their death scam.



The couple’s assets have now been frozen as insurance companies move to recoup the £250,000 that they paid out upon Mr. Darwin’s faked death.

The asset freeze, through the Proceeds of Crime Act, extends around the world and will be centred around Panama where the couple had intended to flee to.

It is believed that the Darwins were in financial trouble and possibly facing bankruptcy when they hatched their plan to defraud John’s life insurance companies.

Police investigations, however, suggest that they may now have assets worth up to £500,000 in Panama.


The Darwin’s assets are believed to include an apartment in Panama City which may be worth around £28,000, and a plot of land that they intended to build a canoeing centre on, worth approximately £200,000.

John Darwin, who was known to like flashy cars, was also in possession of a £45,000 Toyota Land Cruiser at the time of his arrest back in December of last year.

Police will now attempt to claw back all of the assets that the Darwin’s accumulated through their fraudulent activity by using the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Additionally, the two insurance firms that were scammed – Unat Direct and Norwich Union – have commenced legal proceedings in an attempt to recoup the sums of money that the Darwins received in respect of the ‘death’ of Mr. Darwin.

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  1. Just spotted a story about John Darwin’s memoirs being leaked whilst he is in prison – http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8206291.stm

  2. Here’s a new scam for you, too. The US CONGRESS relocates to Anchorage Alaska in the year 2500. Look here:


    • I’ll have a good read of that later. I’ve got that post I did about polar cities in my (corrupted) database still.. I’ll have to put it back up again.

  3. Danny Bloom says:

    Yes, he was in a kayak when he disappeared, not a canoe. A canoe is a completely different boat than a kayak. Reuters has it wrong, it’s a kayak, he’s the Kayak Man, and you do not have to be Danny Bloom, or Leinad Moolb, to understand this. It’s a simple as ABC. A canoe is a canoe, a kayak is a kayak. They are not the same thing. That is why God created two words for these two kinds of boats. Get with the programme, Dear Reuters!

    Please change the headline above. He was not paddling a canoe with a paddle. He was kayaking in a kayak using a kayak paddle as his paddle, and a kayak paddle is two-sided, while a canoe paddle has only one dipper. Please correct this.

    I have contacted CNN about this and they said YES YOU ARE RIGHT DANNY BLOOM. HE WAS IN A KAYAK.

    • Ha ha, welcome back Danny. I wasn’t sure if you were still using Google alerts on your name.

      We had the whole kayak/canoe thing last year if you remember, and I changed the name of that other post accordingly.

  4. Carolina says:

    Do you think mrs Dawsons sentence was harsh considering it was her husband who went missing.?

    • Not at all – after he ‘died’ she was the one who made the bogus insurance claims.

      Therefore, she got what she deserved.

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