21 Security-Minded People To Follow On Twitter

Update: I’ve now created a page with over 1,500 #infosec follows on and in alphabetical order which should make it much easier to navigate.

Do you have an interest in internet security?

Do you use Twitter?

If so, you may be interested in following these 21 people who all share your interest.

(If you want to see what they write about when they are not limited to 140 characters then check out the links beneath their names to discover their most recent articles or blog posts)

Follow : 1Password
Read : Too Many Passwords to Remember?

Follow : andrewsmhay
Read : links for 2009-04-07

Follow : ericrobi
Read : Digital archeologists excavate forgotten email.

Follow : gattaca
Read : Texas School Employees ID Theft Victims

Follow : gcluley
Read : More Mikeyy worm madness on Twitter

Follow : helpnetsecurity
Read : ICSA Labs on Twitter Worm

Follow : jeremiahg
Read : Disagree with the Concept or Implementation?

Follow : justin_foster
Read : Social Security

Follow : justinbellinger
Read : About Justin Bellinger

Follow : kriggins
Read : Interesting Information Security Bits for 04/13/2009

Follow : McAfeeAvertLabs
Read : Conficker on the prowl after the 1st…

Follow : MRMaguire
Read : MR Maguire’s Bio

Follow : patrikrunald
Read : Ongoing problems at Twitter

Follow : pauldotcom
Read : Confickering The Week Away

Follow : pozole13
Read : Targeted Blackhat SEO Attack against Ford Motor Co.

Follow : ryanlrussell
Read : Hey! You! Get off of that cloud!

Follow : SCMagazine
Read : Twitter worm underscores social-networking vulnerabilities

Follow : SecBarbie
Read : Security Corkboard is down

Follow : stiennon
Read : Updating Windows is like wearing seatbelts

Follow : symantecnews
Read : The Price of Fame

Follow : threatpost
Read : 1 in 5 Windows PCs still hackable by Conficker

I’m sure, having listed only 21 people, that I have probably missed several hundred more.

If you tweet or blog about internet security and are not listed above then please introduce yourself via the comments below.

Likewise, if you know someone suitable that I have missed, then please let me know.


Many thanks to TimelessP who, via Twitter, informed me of an extremely comprehensive list of such people at Security-Twits.com

About Lee Munson

Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. Thomas Bromley says:

    You should add the following to the list…


  2. I work for Trend Micro and I blog and tweet about security, privacy and trust related issues

    • Thanks Rik (I’m following you already).

      This is quite an old list – I’m currently working on a much larger revision which will hit my front page in the next day or two.

      I’ll be sure to include you in it.

  3. Found you!

  4. I know that I for one was already following you on Twitter and thanks for tweeting my link to the funny spam email titles πŸ™‚

  5. emailspam says:

    We blog about email spam situations and I twitter links and re-tweet other trends I see that people should be aware of (I included funny stuff too).

    Twitter account:

  6. I’m not a twitter fanboy but wanted to thank you for highlighting some sites I didnt know or had forgotton about.

  7. Are you on Twitter Ruth?

  8. Great list, just wanted to add GovernmentSecurity.org to the list. You can find us on twitter as @gsogsecur. We have an active forum with over 26,000 members.

  9. I tweet information security jobs in the UK and information relating to the security recruitment market.


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