10 Ways Women Scam Men

In some respects, women are far worse than any other socio-economic group where it comes to scamming others.

Especially men.

10 Ways Women Scam Men

To prove the point, here are 10 ways (I’m sure you can think of hundreds) in which women deliberately scam men every day –


  • Lipstick (you know those lips ain’t kissable without it)
  • Under-wired bras (that’s just SOOO not fair)
  • Dieting (you know full well that you’re gonna stop as soon as that ring is on your finger)
  • Moaning and groaning during sex (it flatters our egos but we can see straight through it)
  • Saying you love us (Admit it, you just love our money)
  • Marriage (it’s a great deal if you can trap us)
  • Divorce (you can divorce us for nothing and still take all that we have)
  • Custody (just being female means you get our kids too)
  • Child support (you stop us seeing the kids and then make us pay for it too)

Do women actually have any redeeming qualities or are us men better off getting a robot lover???

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  1. Anon E. Mouse says:

    UPDATE: None of the guys on this page have gotten laid since this article was posted. Nor did they get laid before it.

    Try not being sexist, that might help. MIGHT.

  2. Nighthouse says:

    The 20 Year Divorce plan to get rich. 20 Year old hottie marries a 50 year old millionaire. Has one kid to secure it. Doesn’t have to work, stays fit, young, has all the anti-aging resources available, no stress, plenty of sex. Divorces him in her 40’s or maybe even 50. She’s still good looking, likes to have sex with young latin guys, so she takes up Salsa (this is common among 40 year old divorced women) very careful, looks at all angles before doing anything, very manipulative, goes to a psychologist because she needs something to substantiate her claims (theres nothing wrong with her, probably more clever than the shrink…) finally gets a few mill, buys a house, remodels it, creates many women friends, has parties, goes out, just lives life.. oh .. and oh.. starts to do soul searching like it really matters now 🙂 haha!

  3. The only redeeming qualities women have are cooking and keeping house. Beyond that they are just parasites in my opinion.

    • Oooh that’s harsh Patrick.

      Quite possibly true though 😀

    • pig

      • Matt Crawley says:

        If that’s the most intelligent response you can think of in your defense, maybe your kind deserves their reputation.

    • Like weak, “sensitive” men of previous generations, you blame women for being women. WHO got soft and opposed “wife-beating?” Not real beating, what men do to other men, but a firm but noninjurious spanking or paddling on the woman’s ass. Why do you think women’s butts are plump? Because they are made for the application of loving corporal instruction!
      WHO gave women the privilege of voting (woman suffrage)? MEN! Women did not vote themselves the franchise (privilege of voting). The pro-woman suffrage activists were heavily opposed to allowing women a special vote on woman suffrage. Why? Because they were certain that the majority of women would vote against the vote.
      Now, any man who comes out for abolishing woman suffrage is pilloried. Even some women have openly opposed the franchise – and been castigated.

  4. Yep, women are evil. 😀

  5. I knew it was you who sent that email, you naughty boy!! 😉

  6. Ok here is a #10 for you. A girl makes friends with a man but lets him think it might be more so that he does things for her.

    • Ha ha, good one Akesh.

      I have a few friends who do everything a girl asks because they hope friendship may develop into something more. They just can’t see that acting like that ensures that it never happens.

  7. Ahem, oops.. that’s only 9 ways.

    I’m sure you can come up with a few more though…


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