10 Ways To Spot A Psychic Scam Artist

Personally I don’t believe in psychics at all – I think its a whole load of mumbo jumbo designed to part the gullible from their money.

Contrarily, I know several people who swear by them and believe everything they say.


Therefore, I’ve come up with a list of 10 9 ways to spot an outright scamming psychic as opposed to one that may be ‘genuine’ –

1. If your psychic spends a lot of time detailing things that cannot ever be proven then take note and beware.

2. If your psychic makes comments about you, your personality or potential future than don’t make any sense to you then apply a touch of logic and question why,

3. If your psychic describes your future in a vague way, without any specific details, then your reading is going to have been next to worthless.

4. If your psychic says things about the past or the present that are wrong why should you believe what they say about your future?

5. If your local psychic charges Sylvia Browne fees whilst not having the same level of fame then walk away – readings tend to cost $100 or far less.

6. If you get a reading via a premium rate phone line and the psychic keeps you hanging on for as long as possible then you’ve been scammed.

7. If you are told that you will die or be cursed if you don’t pay for more readings then, once again, you have witnessed a psychic scam.

8. If you have been told not to make any decisions without consulting your psychic first then that is likely a scam too.

9. If you are in the middle of a conversation with a medium and they ‘lose’ the person you are talking to but can get back in touch for a fee then think about what they are doing!

Now the sharp-eyed amongst you will have realised thats only 9 ways to spot a psychic scammer.

Can any of you offer up a 10th way???

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  1. lol, they should get a life and stop depending on other for survivor! i wonder even if they fear God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 10. If the psychic asks more questions then gives you answers, that is a red flag.

  3. If u have tp introduce urself on the phone – I would think the psychic
    is low on batteries – or a scam.

  4. When a psychic says he or she accepts payment only through some particular means e.g (wire transfer/ credit card) please watch your steps.

  5. hello i think if they knew how much money and how much of a good person you were they would tell u for free and u could pay them later better yet they see this stuff for a reason so why charge lol and they are fake ! so arent but some are i would like to find a real one lol

  6. if they say that they have 99.9% accuracy, I’d call that the 10th.

  7. Amresh Kumar says:

    The 10th way to spot such psychic scam artist is this:
    Ask them some specific questions about your own life / way of life. And if you get a vague or automated response that does not even acknowledge your questions, know that you’re wasting your valuable time.
    This is what I did as a matter of fact. I asked her 10 questions regarding my personal life. And all i got was this, (without any answer to any of my Direct and Specific Questions):

    “Sincerely yours, my dear Amresh, I wish to thank you for your e-mail, and for the confidence that you show in me.

    I am always deeply touched by the letters of the people who consult me, and I am always very careful to pay great attention to what they have written, in order to point my work in the right direction, to bring improvements as fast as possible…….
    You have my friendship, I am very determined for you to succeed.

    So, keep your faith. I am with you!

    In the name of our friendship, I am sending you my total encouragement.

    As your faithful friend, I send you my best wishes for success, on your way to happiness,
    Your friend,

    Sara Freder

  8. People who offer false hope, at a price, are scum in my opinion.

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