10 Reasons Why Global Warming Is A Good Thing

A large proportion of the world’s population are worried about the consequences of global warming.


Here’s 10 reasons why you shouldn’t be so concerned –

  1. You will save money on clothes – one thong is all you’ll need
  2. No more racism – in a few years we’ll all be black
  3. No need to pay for holidays – the sun will come to you, wherever you are
  4. Play golf? You’ll only need to buy a putter and a sand wedge now
  5. No need to buy tattoos – skin cancer is free
  6. Forget the price of oil – solar power is free too
  7. Easy garden maintenance – you won’t have a garden
  8. No more cooking – just hang your food out your window for a few seconds
  9. Investment opportunities – get in quick before water hits $200 per barrel
  10. Instant barbecues – just step outside without sunblock

Disclaimer :

Global warming doesn’t really exist.


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  1. annoymous says:

    We all know that temperatures have been higher and lower than average in the last decade,we have a choice ignore it and let nature take its journey,or we can be concerned like it could be a serious problem in less than a decade yet we live as human because life is precious,come onpeople let’s act on global warming! Save the life the earth still provides!

  2. rasist baty

  3. that was dumb

  4. It’s not like we’d run out of places to live. Many people could just move to Antarctica. It’s a pretty freakin’ huge continent if people are forgetting.

    • You’re right jatham, it’s massive.

      Interestingly, Antarctica is also rumoured to be a possible location for the mythical Atlantis if you believe in such things – I wonder if a bit of thawing might show that the continent was previously inhabited by humans?

  5. It’s amazing how the worlds politicians and scientists have managed to create such a fervour about a natural occurence. in the middle ages the temperature was warmer and thats despite there being no industry to pump out fumes.

    So why does anyone believe this so called threat is real?

    • It’s because the media has a powerful effect on the weak-minded Peter.

      Some people will blindly believe what they are told because they have been programmed not to challenge certain sources of information.

  6. Caroline says:

    I cannot possibly agree that global warming does not exist because their is too much evidence to say that it does. That aside some of these reasons did make me chuckle.

  7. Sound hot….

  8. GolfMad says:

    Great just great I cannot avoid sand traps even now

  9. #10 made me giggle.


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  4. bloggingzoom.com says:

    10 Reasons Why Global Warming Is A Good Thing…

    Do you believe in global warming?

    Is it really the greatest ever threat to our planet, or is it a political scam designed to facilitate tax rises?

    Nevermind. …

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