10 More Funny Spam Email Titles

A few months ago I gave a list of The Top 10 Unintentionally Funny Spam Email Titles which was quite well received.


Here’s 10 more funny spams that I have received recently –

1.  Beware of scam emails

2.  Kamikaze pilots have large helmets

3.  Mccain says unsure if Obama is a secret hippopotamus

4.  Horse kicks Harrison Ford in stomach

5.  Bearded lady gives birth

6.  Bush averts Albanian uprising by invading Albania

7.  The quality of stimulation depends on the quality of your inches

8.  VIooAGooRA Glorious Morning, Dear Friend…

9.  You need a toy longer than her arm

10. Are women really human?

Have you got any funny spam email titles you can add to that list?

Also, I’m looking for answers to #10 – I have my doubts!

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  1. OMG @ the last one… love it! 😀

  2. here are a few of the 200 I got today:
    The humiliation won’t reprise because of your size
    Your member can serve you for many years
    Longer is better – Bigger is happiness
    New size for Men especially for new feelings of women at once
    Enhance your love making performance
    Realize all of her dreams with our help for short time
    You must be The Real Man with huge dignity
    Be full of energy and fill your partner with it
    She will stay by your side as you have that bulgy pride
    Nobody will have the guts to contest with the man who is so blessed.

    Take part in a sexual marathon with our qualified help
    Her pink hole started oozing. wonderfully

  3. Number 10 : NO!

  4. LOL @ number 3 😀

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