08447739922 – A National Awareness Campaign Or A Scam?

Over the last few days I have been receiving calls on my landline from a number I don’t recognise. Dialling ‘1471’ allowed me to find the caller’s number – 0844 773 9922.

Upon answering,  I am met with a recorded message stating that the company behind it is part of a National Awareness Campaign, backed by the government, and designed to help people with debt.

This is especially curious as, besides my mortgage, I owe no-one anything whatsoever. Even stranger is the fact that my telephone number is ex-directory and I have signed up for TPS (Telephone Preference Service) which ought to stop unsolicited calls dead in their tracks.

They seem to be offering some sort of service but when it said ‘press 5’ to ‘change your life forever’ I hung up as there are a lot of scams that trick people into dialling premium rate numbers.

A quick search on Google shows that the telephone number is registered to a private residence in the UK but also a company in the US –

Suite 600
1201 Orange Street
PO Box 511

Apparently, this address is fictitious.

So, the questions are, who is this company, why are they claiming to be government backed when they obviously are not, and why are they pretending to be based in the UK when they are in America?

More importantly for me, I’d like to know how they got my phone number. Considering the fact that I have opted out of telemarketing and other spam calls, and my phone number does not appear in the phone book, I can only conclude that my phone operator or some other unscrupulous company has illegally sold my details 🙁

Has anyone else received a call from 08447739922 or managed to discover any further information about who is behind it?

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  1. I have also been having calls from this number, it claimed it was about a survey i did a while ago, have any of you also filled in surveys recently???

  2. Hi Jenny, it would appear to be a ruse to get you to sign up for some sort of debt reduction or reduced payment type of program by the sounds of it.

    As it is NOT backed by the government, I would have to conclude that the company behind it is being dishonest and so, yes, it IS a scam.

  3. I’ve had a call from this number too – are you saying it is definately a scam?

  4. omg!

    the things i could do with a dollar…

    no, apparently he was just happy to get your phone number… mumbled something about national security… I think he meant iceland’s national security?

    so, obviously you folded at the address?! I mean… a dollar? were you able to quit your day job and put all your time into this website? :-0


    • Iceland? My family originally comes from Finland so you were close!

      Hmmm…. a dollar… in the UK I couldn’t even buy a can of coke with that!!

  5. now i am just plain ashamed… you are a far better man than me!!


    • After that though he upped his offer and asked for… your address… I mean… you would, wouldn’t you… $1 is a lot of money!


  6. I think I met the guy Jon – he offered me cash for your number but of course I didn’t succumb… that’s what friends are for 😀

  7. It has been a few days since I have had time to drop a comment, but I absolutely had to weigh in on this one.

    You see, a few months ago, I was approached by a well dressed individual asking me to help them with a project they were working on. In exchange for my cooperation, they would compensate me generously. They told me all they needed was the home phone number of some guy calling himself “scam” on a blog like website called “scam types dot com”.

    They still haven’t paid me anything, and now I feel just awful about giving them your phone number…. I hope this doesn’t change things between us…

    Just kidding 🙂 Loved your post about poor Mateo pretending to be someone you are not should not be endeavored by amatuers!!!



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