Summer is here and that means it’s time to vote for your InfoSec heroes

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again – various infosec awards are being prepared and a few select people will be walking home with shiny new trophies over the coming months.

How do you win one, I hear you say.

Good question I reply.

As things stand, there are two such events open for nominations – the EU Security Blogger awards and the Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards.

EU Security Bloggers Award

For the former you can nominate the cool people in the industry like Javvad, Graham or the devilishly good-looking guy who picked up a couple of gongs last year.



You can be a bit daring and go for someone new, like Stuart, for whom an award would mean everything.

Whichever direction you decide to go in, you’ll need to nominate your favourite blogger, corporate blogger, security podcast, etc. now and then return to vote once all the picking and choosing of the worthy has been completed.

And you can do that here.

Unsung Heroes Award

For the latter, you have a bit more time – up until 1 June in fact – in which to pick your selections.

This time around, however, the awards in question are perhaps not best suited to the usual suspects who get the plaudits day in, day out.

The awards are designed to give the “unsung heroes” in IT security the recognition that they deserve for (often) going above and beyond the call of duty and saving their organisations from the likes of hackers, malware and virus infections. After twenty years in the industry, we’ve noticed that awards in our sector tend to focus on technology, which is all well and good, but we also know that getting these technologies to work as they’re supposed to and getting the word out about cyber security threats is just as important – and that takes a person or team to make it happen successfully. -Yvonne Eskenzi, Director of Eskenzi PR

Instead, the unsung heroes awards are aimed at the real stars in infosec – the ones who actually do some work – without asking for or receiving the recognition they deserve.


So, if you know a CISO, Security Leader, Social Media Saviour, Captain of Compliance or even a superhero endowed with spider sense, get yourself over to the entry page now and give them the vote and praise they so richly deserve.

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